Directions November 2016

FCM Directions November 2016

Welcome to November’s edition of Directions,

The past few weeks have tested the resilience of our people at FCM I want to start by thanking everyone for working well under the pressure of system challenges. Despite the outages, we are tracking to have one of our busiest months. I know a lot of long hours have gone into your days and I appreciate how you have taken care of your customers and each other. I believe we have the best people in the industry here at FCM and resilience is one of the key traits we are famous for in times of pressure. Flanno and I will continue to provide updates as we progress.


It’s one month since the Team Leaders and support crew returned from Cambodia. The build in addition to the 6 months planning was a huge brand effort. Thanks to everyone involved in the fundraising; all who travelled to Cambodia and to all who stayed behind to keep the wheels turning. The CEO of Habitat for Humanity, Joanne, Leigh and Lucas are all still sharing stories about team FCM. You have all changed the lives of families who will never forget you. Check out the video of the week below and photos by clicking here

Habitat for Humanity

FCM Travel Solutions in Cambodia


Reward and recognition are key in our company philosophies and at FCM we are implementing a new system that recognises the excellent achievements of our people. We are launching the issuance of Excellence medals for outstanding achievements everyday. The medals created will acknowledge:

1. People Excellence,
2. Customer Excellence and
3. FCM Brand Excellence, and will be issued by members of your SWOT team.

If you receive a medal, it will be added to your Lighthouse profile and will be published to everyone in FCM Australia via the daily digest email from Lighthouse. Monthly recognition will also be shared across the business. Please contact Marcelle Braithwaite at Lighthouse if you’re not receiving a daily digest from the FCM Australia Group. Be Excellent and Go Make a difference!

How do I get an excellence medal? Some examples are as follows:

People Excellence: Someone who has gone above and beyond in the area, which contributed to a significant outcome within the area.


Customer Excellence: Someone who has gone above and beyond for a customer and received significant recognition. Or, major wins/re-rewins



Brand Excellence: Someone who does something that has a significant positive impact on the FCM brand. E.g. created, designed, implemented a new system that makes a difference to the brand. Or, advanced the brand in some way.


To nominate a team member for an excellence award, contact a member of your SWOT team.

Congrats to Jose Nunura in Sydney on receiving his excellence medal today with the exceptional compliment received from NSWG:

"Hi Andrew, 
I want you to know you have an exceptional Manager, Jose Nunura, Assistant Manager in your NSW Government Team. His calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my stress level was at an all-time high. His knowledge and remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of a firm's Manager’s is an indication of future success, then FCM Travel Solutions has a very bright future.
I wish to commend, Jose, for the way he handled a problem at approximately 6.00 pm yesterday afternoon after I had finished work and was at home with only my mobile phone. He was courteous and friendly and resolved all travel issues for a staff member with a family emergency at home. Such professionalism and considerate service is rare nowadays. Jose is an excellent representative for FCM Travel and an asset to your organization.
I would like to add, this is not just a one off instance, I have been dealing with Jose for a good part of this year and being new to the travel booking world and having a variety of different requests from my large team of field staff; I often call upon Jose for guidance, advice and assistance with the booking system. Jose always respond to all enquiries and requests in a professional, expedient manner and my staff to this date have not had any issues.
I felt it important for you to know what a great job he is doing.
Belinda Bogg
Branch Administrator"

Other news

1. WTA Awards: Congratulations to everyone in FCM for once again retained Australasia’s leading travel management company. We have won this award for the 5th year running. As FCM is the first and largest global travel management company headquartered in the APAC region, this award is and should be ours. Be proud in telling your customers of this great achievement.

2. Retention: Across the country we are doing ok in re-winning customers and removing customers at risk so far this year, however we can do better. Over the past 12 months, 7% of our business defected. This year, we are projecting 2% loss of customers (so far) with 4 months gone. Our major areas of focus here needs to be:
1. Demonstrating & promoting our value: removing all clients from our risk register
2. Implementing Products (service: i.e. Pinnacle, travel: i.e. Get picked up and tech products i.e. moving clients off e3, launching the mobile app, launching Clientbank Connect well)
3. Events: showing our customer love and getting the right people to attend our events.

3. Margins: I attended the Sydney buzz night this month where ideas where discussed re ways to make a fair margin (some great ideas shared). With many of our key clients trading down and newer clients on lower margins, we have to stay disciplined in this area. We had a situation recently where a customer’s fees expired in Lumina. We almost missed out on charging 150+ fee lines. As we move into the quieter period, it’s a good time to re-check that fees are being charged correctly and your interpretation of the schedule is correct. Have a chat with your RGM or pricing team if you’re unsure. We are also watching our costs across the business and you may have heard about a duty travel ban. We are trying to keep cost of seat down for everyone, which means only essential/critical travel should proceed. Thanks for your help in this area.



With a great effort from our R and D team, Corporate Peopleworks are pleased to announce all the Welcome Aboard Programs are now in Compass. A Supporting Team Leader Tool Kit will be also available in Compass in December.

In November, the Gold Core Skills Program will populate. A reminder, our Welcome Aboard, Gold and Diamond academies are mandatory core skills programs for our TM, BDM and AM Roles.

In tandem with your Core Skills Program it is vital you ongoingly check your My Things to Do Section in Compass in order to maintain your expertise and keep up to date with current and important FCTG, Corporate and Brand information.

Various Expert Modules will be sent to you (or you will be invited to attend) on an ongoing basis. This is separate to any Core Skills Program and is your tool to maintain your expert status. By way of example, you will have recently received an on-line module regarding a current Hyatt Campaign and Travel Managers will soon again receive a module regarding QCI codes. Again, some of these Expert Module Series will be instructor led and some will be on-line. It's important you complete these Expert Series ongoingly to remain informed and relevant in your role and to our customers.

Off the back of FCM's successful Habitat Cambodia build, stay tuned for 2017's build destination and announcement.

Account Management

Another busy month for our account management team. We are focusing strongly on retention, and I am pleased to say that only 4 months into the year, we have retained 55% of our customers who were listed at risk or contract expiring. We are close to rolling out our Value Model for testing with clients and Magnify sessions are starting to be booked in. These 2 key items are integral to our retention strategy. Our Connect Analytics Tool is due to roll out this month which will bring amazing benefits to our customers. In addition, Mary has been working hard on the CBS Transformation project and I hope to share the plans next month.

Customer Experience and Implementation

A big thank you to the entire CIM team across the country for the 'above-and-beyond' hard work and energy they are putting in to both new implementations, and the various projects we have underway.

As well as the ongoing implementations in each state that the team are closing out, E3 to Serko transitions continue to progress, along with some large implementations which coming to a close. These include the Global ANZ Travel Program Rollout, and the NSW Government implementation. By the time NSWG is fully handed over to the AM and Operational team, we will have had at least one full-time CIM working on it for over a year!

We are excited to be commencing recruitment this week for new roles to bring our new team structure to life. This should deliver tangible benefits both to the CIM team, and the greater business in the implementations and product deployments space.


During October, Marketing worked on several pitch opportunities to the value of $120m in TTV. It was a big month for Awards with FCM taking out Australasia's Leading Travel Management Company for the fifth consecutive year. Another great brand achievement to let your clients know about - we have a story on the FCM News Hub and an email signature banner going live this week.

On the Marketo front, we have just introduced RSVP functionality which will allow us to manage events in a more streamlined way providing a real end to end tracking solution.

A big welcome to Amy Maynard who has now started in the Marketing team as FCM Communications Manager, we look forward to Amy bringing her creative skills to the team!


4 months down and the sales team are halfway to their goal of $200m in new business with $102m already in the bank!

Congratulations to Sue McEvoy, Andrew Meyer, Brett Le Roy & Team Transformers for re-signing Optus and bringing on board Singtel out of Singapore - a total of $22m per annum for FCM! Such a great example of Sales, Account Management & Operations working together to retain this long term iconic customer!

Last week the sales team had a great multi-national workshop learning more about our global market, technology & pricing. Some new products coming out of the global market include Cyrtic (Amadeus Online Booking Tool) in addition to SAM (our very own FCM USA chatbot mobile platform).

We are currently working on some great flagship accounts so fingers crossed for positive news next month!


This month we farewell Belinda Birtles as she heads off on 12 months maternity leave. Never fear the Jets are in wonderful hands as Blake takes over the reins.

The finance team have been working closely with the CBS commissions team on a new process to reconcile EAN commissions and payments. We continue to work with the CBS Credit Control team to finalise the master client database and document processes around charging late fees to our customers and management of debtors.

This upcoming monthend we will test handbook uploads direct into SUN. If successful this will mean that Team Leaders no longer will be required to enter commission and TTV numbers into GAS at end of month, this will automatically happen.

A new pricing process was also rolled out to the BDMs which will streamline and simplify matters for tenders moving forward.

Product - Air

Qantas and QCI Compliance

As a part of our current contractual obligations with Qantas, we are now being measured on our QCI compliance in Qantas PNR. This obligation requires FCM as a brand to meet a minimum of 90% compliance by the 1st December.

As FCM is the nominated TMC for our joint clients, we have a responsibility to ensure our clients are achieving the tiers outlined in their contracted agreement with Qantas.

Why is this important?

  • Non compliance has the direct result of clients losing their POS (Point of sale) discounts and other benefits.
  • The client receiving incomplete or incorrect reporting and missing required contractual tiers.
  • FCTG has a legal obligation to ensure that the client is compliant against their contract.

Any questions surrounding QCI compliance please contact the Corporate Air Team.


Product - Land

NEW OBT for TM's

A new EAN offline booking system is due for launch on 1 December - This will improve the ease of booking and increase productivity. More details to come.


We have had a strong start to the year with the overall Mantra contract making it extremely valuable for us however a recent decline in SEP/OCT room night bookings means we now see a stretch target for the remainder of the year.

Mantra have opened new property Peppers Kings Square in WA and refurbished Mantra 2 Bond St, Sydney. Keep your eyes peeled for a upcoming customer campaign and local incentive activity to drive contract growth.

Please contact your local Product Manager for team sales reports and further opportunities.

12 Days of Christmas:

The Corporate land team have been busy Santas little helpers bringing you 12 days of gifts this Christmas. Together with our Platinum partners we want to celebrate your hard work and reward you with a very Merry Christmas surprise.