Airport Lounge passes

Relax and freshen up before your onward flight with one-use-only Airport Lounge Passes.

You don’t always have to take out an annual membership to enjoy the benefits of an airport lounge on your business travel. A number of major airports have special rates accessible by travel management companies to purchase as needed for their travelling clients.

For example, you can pick up a one-use-only Changi Airport lounge pass from $23 for entry into the Ambassador Transit Lounge, or from $33 you can access the Premier Club Lounge. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy some food and drink, show, relax with the television or newspapers, and catch up on emails with comfy seats and free WIFI. 

These airport lounge passes are also a great way for businesses to better manage their travel-related expenses without the hassle of committing to annual membership fees.

You’ll find most airport lounges will include a host of benefits such as food and drinks (alcoholic and non), shower facilities, comfortable seating areas, WIFI and entertainment options such as free newspapers and television. For business travellers they are a great way to refocus and remain comfortable during a long haul flight path when inevitably you have that important presentation or meeting on your mind.

Airport Lounge passes are usually time-locked and come in a range of options such as short stay 2 hour passes as well as 3, 5 and 10 hour passes. If you’d like more information on what Airport Lounge passes are available to you for your next long haul flight, contact your travel manager.