FCm partners with charter specialist

FCm Travel Solutions has partnered with Brisbane-based aviation charter aircraft specialist AVMIN. This means our travel teams will use a special online portal to coordinate charter services for clients and can offer a range of safety approved aircraft including turbo props, VIP business jets, commercial airlines and large B747 passenger aircraft. 

FCm Charter offers our clients a broader choice of aircraft, more options for group flights into remote destinations and you’re not restricted to commercial airline routes, schedules or airport locations. 

The service gives businesses the freedom they need to customise each itinerary including departure and arrival times and number of stops along the way. Additionally we offer clients a dedicated turbo-prop aircraft fleet with the capability of accessing remote airports and dirt runways.

A select few at FCm recently trialed a charter service out for ourselves, onboard a short 40 min flight from Brisbane Airport to Hervey Bay Airport. 

For our charter service, we were transported at 11am on a bus from a CBD location to the airport. By 11:45am our safety demo was complete and we were up in the air.

One of the key benefits of charter travel is that you drive straight up to the aircraft via a private hanger and avoid the traffic of the commercial airline zone, and not to mention the hustle and bustle of airport check-in. Contrary to popular belief, charter flights can also be more cost efficient than commercial flights. 

AVMIN already has extensive experience in the FIFO and resources industry and provides complete FIFO solutions for operations all over the world including locations such as the Bowen, Surat and Galilee Basins in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory as well as Mozambique, PNG, Indonesia and Mongolia.


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