FIFO, FIFO, its off to work they go…

The rise of the fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) community and contribution of the resources sector to the local economy in WA has grown so much that it’s just signalled the construction of a brand new terminal at Perth Airport. The $120 million domestic terminal was officially opened in March and is home to Skywest, Alliance Airways and Tiger.

The new T2 was specifically developed to cater to the influx of FIFO workers in the resources sector. So much so that even the retailers at the terminal were specifically chosen to complement the miner demographic. 

FIFO clients are unique business travellers. Their business shirts are high vis and their briefcase is usually a rucksack. In WA on any given day, the FCm team of mining industry travel experts could be booking travel for up to 1000 mining employees flying in or out of a mine site.

According to FCm’s WA Area Leader, Stephan van Arnhem, the FIFO client presents a unique set of travel requirements.

“FIFO travel management can involve any number of scenarios from helicopter transfers to an offshore oil and gas rig to a commercial charter flight to a private airstrip onsite at a mine location. 

“Travel management companies need to have strong relationships with both the airlines and the hotels in order to deliver the best deals for clients. Added to this are other challenges that can impact FIFO travel such as weather conditions and last minute flight cancellations

“If you need to get your people out of a location quickly, safely and cost efficiently it pays to have the support of an experienced travel management company that has established relationships with a range of airlines and hotels – as often your crew won’t be the only group of travellers heading in the same direction,” said Stephan. 

The sheer volume of bookings, the operational expertise and challenges faced by travel managers in this area has turned travel management for this sector into a highly specialised section of the travel industry.

As mining industry travel specialists, FCm manages and coordinates a significant volume of FIFO travel bookings for mine sites throughout Australia. Our knowledge of mine sites, crew changes, regional air routes and which airlines service those routes as well as regional accommodation and expense management ensure mining companies that service the mining industry receive expert service no matter what their needs are.   

So with such a complex set of travel requirements and the mining sector poised for growth, it’s no wonder Perth Airport has taken the lead in constructing a purpose-built terminal to cater to this growing breed of business traveller.



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