The freeways of the future will be freed up by driverless cars

Predictions for a future filled with endless possibilities: 2025-2065

Taxi dramas, GPS issues and concerns over driving in another state or country will become a thing of the past for corporate road warriors if driverless cars flood the market!  

Self-driving cars and software that can predict traffic jams hours before they happen, will offer everyone including business travellers a smoother ride into the future.

It’s long been the view of master planners that we don’t need wider freeways – we just need smarter cars armed with more technology. 

A recent study from Columbia University revealed that vehicles driven by people use just 5% of a road surface at any given time, and suggests the more control we take away from the driver, the more vehicles we could have using our highways. 

Testing of driverless car prototypes continues all over the world and it’s predicted that this technology alone could see our roads handle three times as many cars with ease.

As a major provider of ground transport and travel technology for our corporate customers, FCm predicts there could be high demand for this kind of software.  

For FCm clients with a high level of ground transport as part of their travel program, this development has the power to not only save road warriors time but could prevent a road trip that may have otherwise ended up in a major traffic jam!


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