Hotels get personal

Hotel guests are increasingly seeking a more personalised service, according to a 2014 hotel and travel trends report by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). The report, which is based on a survey of 7000 business and leisure travellers, suggests that hotels need to be “global, local and personal in order to appeal to the evolving expectations of travellers in the 21st century”.

While hotel chains have long focused on developing a sound level of global consistency to retain customer loyalty, and in recent years have customised their properties to add local flavour, IHG’s report suggests that this is no longer enough. Personalistion however, has to be relevant to the individual and the rapid rise of technology-enabled personalisation means that hotels can offer a more personalised service to their travel hotel

Hotels may collect information on your preferences by taking note of what you like to eat and drink while you are with them. If for example, you usually order a bottle of sparkling water for your room not long after you arrive, you may find it waiting for you in your room next time you stay with them. If you often request early check-in, or late check-out, they could offer you this flexibility ahead of time. These are just some of the ways hotels can personalise your experience with them.

For business travellers who want to be as productive as possible while they are travelling, it is a good idea to make your personal preferences known before arrival. This gives the hotel the opportunity to tailor your service to your needs. It could be that you prefer a room away from the elevators, on a higher away from street noise etc. By giving the hotel these details, you are more likely to end up with a room that meets your needs and expectations. Your FCm travel manager can keep your preferences on file and ensure any hotel booking made through them, reflect your personal preferences for accommodation.

To read IHG’s full report, ‘Creating moments of trust – the key to building successful brand relationships in the Kinship economy’, download the report from this link:


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