It’s an ‘app’ world for business travellers

According to industry research by the end of 2013 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people (Source: Cisco, 2013) and around 82% of mobile media time is spent on apps.  
The mobile evolution is rapidly gaining pace, particularly in the travel industry. Gone are the days of paper tickets, paper itineraries, invoices and for some people paper boarding passes, the mobile phone is now a critical tool for corporate travellers. Being able to access personal and company travel information on the go via a mobile device is nowadays as important as having access to a travel manager. More and more business travellers are using their mobiles for data storage, information gathering, travel updates, alerts and any other function that makes the business travel experience efficient and easy. FCm Mobile
The upshot of rising consumer reliance on mobile devices is the intense uptake of mobile apps. FCm Travel Solutions has recently rolled out to its Australian and global traveller network a new mobile app, called FCm Mobile. The response from customers has been enthusiastic. The branded app provides travellers with instant access to their flight itinerary, enables users to receive flight status notifications, check in as well as access airport guides, a currency converter, view weather forecasts for up to five days ahead and more.
FCm Mobile has the ability to integrate with external databases including Travelport and provides travellers with a globally consistent application to ensure business travel is quick, easy and instantly accessible.
FCm Australian General Manager James Kavanagh said FCm’s objective in releasing the app was to enhance the overall business travel experience for customers.
“By launching this app, we want to improve the traveller experience, so that when it comes to activities like checking your flight times, being alerted to flight delays or even checking the weather outlook for another city, the information is at your fingertips and it’s relevant for your individual needs,” James said.
“A TMC-developed app, like FCm’s also helps companies to maintain high levels of compliance to policy. Because the FCm app is a branded app, travellers aren’t exposed to any third party advertising which may exist with other Apps and could lead to a traveller booking out of policy.
“In addition the ability to check in for your flight through your mobile en-route to the airport can save a rushed traveller valuable time. And that’s what our job is all about – providing service and technology that creates efficiencies for our clients.”   


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