A manufacturing sector specific travel solution

If you’re looking to procure a travel management solution, you should look to the supplier who best services your sector’s needs. For the manufacturing sector, FCm has more than 20 years experience managing travel for manufacturers. 

This industry specialisation is key for manufacturing businesses looking for a unique and tailored travel solution from a supplier who understands the sector’s travel patterns, labour market and trade flows.

FCm’s portfolio of manufacturing customers includes companies that work within the large powerhouse industries that process Australia’s agricultural and mineral wealth; implementers and fabricators that create consumer products and transform the outputs of primary industrial activity; and high-growth implementers of the latest science and technology.

Whether your people are travelling overseas on group buying trips, visiting head office, touring regional retail shops or production plants, visiting factory locations for new production lines or attending training in CBD locations – FCm’s dedicated teams can advise your people how to travel cost and time efficiently. 

For many manufacturing companies, interstate and international travel is essential for research, design, production, distribution and service delivery. With this in mind, FCm has come up with five key areas where manufacturing clients can ensure savings and streamline their travel processes. 

Cost efficiencies

  • FCm offers clients multiple accommodation platforms including our last minute accommodation provider Quickbeds, our hotel program and wholesale operation. This provides a vast range of accommodation options for companies with regional, national or global manufacturing networks.
  • For manufacturers visiting domestic or international destinations on a regular basis as part of your buying, production or distribution process, FCm will assess your travel patterns, work with hotel suppliers and advise on best practice accommodation strategies.  
  • If your company has overseas production plants or offices, FCm will assess and monitor your air travel volume and patterns to coordinate competitive route deals with your preferred carrier. 
  • Our expertise in group travel, round-the-world fares and airfare construction helps to reduce travel costs for manufacturing firms with global operations or companies that regularly undertake group buying trips, head office or site visits or market research.

Time efficiencies

  • We’ll appoint your business its own travel management team, which is your single point of contact for all your travel needs 
  • FCm’s online booking tool, e3 can be customised for every client and offers single-screen visibility of search results for air, car and hotel.

Travel policy and compliance

  • We will help you develop a travel policy that suits your company culture and drives savings
  • We’ll drive policy compliance at point of sale either through our online booking tool or through your dedicated travel manager 

Account management and reporting

  • FCm’s approach to strategic account management, is based on expert business planning and comprehensive reporting. 
  • We’ll advise how best to use the data to drive the right behaviour and gain greater value from your spend.

Advisory services

  • If you regularly take products or goods overseas, FCm can advise on airline luggage policies and logistics to drive savings.
  • With industry growth in higher-risk countries such as India, China, Brazil and Mexico, your people can rely on high-level traveller safety including transfers, drivers and security if needed.
  • Traveller tracking and 24-hour emergency assist. 


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