Passwords to become passé as new ID technology takes over

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There’s not much worse for a business traveller than attempting to access a presentation or important data for a client meeting offsite only to be locked out of your computer because of a password glitch.

For those who travel for meetings regularly, talk of new facial or retina identification technology to access our mobile devices, computers and online platforms, is likely to be enthusiastically welcomed.

Companies such as IBM suggest the demise of passwords could be a mere five years away and for most of us, it can’t come around quickly enough!

The idea that passwords could soon become obsolete is such sweet news for those of us who exist in that clandestine world of hiding secret lists of six to 12 letter/digit combinations.

Word has it Apple and Google are both working on facial recognition software to access our mobile phones, whilst several defence force agencies are concentrating on the unique dynamics of keystrokes.

Other reports claim it could be retinal scans, voice prints and even heart beats that will be used to unlock our precious data into the future.

With many FCm customers now relying on online platforms for booking, expense management and reporting capabilities, this kind of technology could offer a unique solution for data access in the corporate travel industry.


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