Singapore Airlines puts the ‘premium’ into economy

Travellers wanting a bit more luxury than Economy class, but who aren’t up for a Business Class fare, will soon be able to enjoy Singapore Airlines’ new Premium Economy. In exciting news for travellers, the airline announced this month that they plan to start upgrading their B777 aircraft this year to incorporate the new Premium Economy cabin.Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

Aircraft will be progressively retrofitted to include the new Premium Economy cabin class, launching in the second half of 2015. After the initial upgrade is completed, it is expected the airline will focus on adding the new class to their A380s soon after.

"We aim to have a good number of aircraft fitted with the new cabin product within a short timeframe", an airline spokesperson said. "We're aiming to have a very competitive offering featuring more space, amenities and convenience. These are important aspects that our studies have shown Premium Economy customers are looking for."

While the airline is still keeping the exact details of the look and feel of their newest fare option close to its chest, more legroom for passengers, a better food and beverage offering and a cheaper fare compared to Business Class are highlighted as the big attractions. With Singapore Airlines already having a strong reputation for superior service, it's anticipated their new premium economy seats will appeal to business travellers that want to arrive at a destination refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. 

According to Singapore Airlines, the initial focus will be on adding Premium Economy to its long-haul routes, although it will also be offered on prime medium-haul routes. This will make it a particularly attractive option for Australian travellers who are regularly faced with length flight times. 

The new cabin class means the airline now offers an entire suite of cabin classes for travellers to choose from, including First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Standard Economy. 



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