Space tourism will become a mainstream holiday option.

Predictions for a future filled with endless possibilities: 2014-2024

Talk about the trip of a lifetime! Imagine leaving the world behind on a fun-filled holiday or corporate incentive trip to space!

Right now a visit to the international space station will set you back a cool $20-$30 million, while a sub-orbital spaceflight from Virgin Galactic seems a steal at just $200,000.

But according to the experts the market for space tourism is about to take off and several new space tourism players are already entering the market.

Over the next five to 10 years companies like Space Island, Galactic Suite and Orbital Technologies may redefine the tourism industry forever, with space tourism packages ranging from just $10,000 for a taste of a space joy flight, to $1 million for a weeklong stay in an orbiting hotel suite.

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