Where to park at Brisbane Airport?

Australian Business Traveller recently researched car parking rates at and around Brisbane Airport to find the cheapest short- and long-term rates for domestic and international travellers. The comparison included both on and off-site parking options, with the latter offering free shuttle buses to and from the airport. 

On-site parking

On-site parking offers greater convenience if you are likely to be short on time. Pre-booking your spot will save money as it costs less than drive-in rates, however be aware that you will need your credit card for payment.Brisbane Airport Parking, Price comparison

It is also worth bearing in mind that Brisbane Airport parking costs are calculated in 

24 hour blocks from time of entry, so if you are flying out in the evening but returning within 24 hours you will only get charged for one day, whereas with offsite parking, which is charged daily, a 2-day rate would apply for the same period, so it could end up costing much the same.

Australian Business Traveller recommends that domestic passengers choose P1 over P2 when rates are the same or similar as it is newer and closer to the terminal.

Off-site car parking

The study found that off-site car parks typically cost less than half the fees of on-site car parks, but that prices varied between companies based on length of stay. While one was cheaper for short two-day stays, others were cheaper for longer week-long stays.

Most off-site car parks offer both covered and uncovered parking, with the former charged at a higher rate. When using off-site parking, you need to book your parking in advance, so be sure to plan ahead and be aware that you will need to leave your car keys with them.



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