Travel program consolidation

FCm has extensive experience in travel program consolidation and implementation. Our account and travel management teams have a proven track record of working with local, regional and multinational companies to implement tailored solutions for customised programs. See what kind of results FCm is achieving for companies…

Results in action
Region: Oman
FCm introduced an Online Booking Tool (OBT) which brought traveller behavior into line with the company’s travel policies, while delivering increased savings. The OBT also streamlined travel booking and approval processes, along with identifying justifications for overrides. View case study >


Region: United Arab Emirates
Before partnering with FCm Travel Solutions, Atkins maintained a somewhat fragmented travel program across its offices in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. While their main headquarters is in Dubai, the geographic spread of Atkins’ offices had led to difficulty monitoring and enforcing consistent processes and procedures across the region. View case study >


Region: Qatar
FCm’s unique approach to travel program consolidation has helped Nakilat implement a new and more effective program, which drives cost and time efficiencies for the company across every stage of the travel booking and buying process. View case study >

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Region: Kenya, Africa
FCm Travel Solutions took a hands-on approach to deliver a customised travel solution to ILRI and its composite accounts, via a dedicated implant office. View case study >

Africa Population Health and Research Center (APRRC)

Region: Kenya, Africa
FCm Travel Solutions Kenya has been managing APHRC’s travel since May 2012 via a dedicated account manager, while also exploring the possibility of establishing an implant office to deliver improved efficiencies and cost savings. View case study >

$2 million Cost Saving

Region: Global
FCm’s work to consolidate the national travel program of a major transport company has delivered some impressive results for our client. Read our client case study to find out more. View case study >

Infineon Technologies

Region: Global
FCm’s global capabilities and flexible service enabled Infineon Technologies AG to achieve worldwide consolidation of its travel management services, policies and procedures. View case study >

Lloyd’s Register Group

Region: Global
The consolidation of travel management services across 26 countries for Lloyd’s Register Group helped the multinational firm save over £13 million within the first year of implementation. View case study >


Region: Asia Pacific
FCm consolidated Reuters travel management across Asia Pacific, helping to improve service standards, consistency and transparency across the company’s program. View case study >

Aristocrat Leisure Limited

Regions: Europe and Asia Pacific
The implementation of FCm’s services for Aristocrat in the UK, Asia and Australia provided critical travel management support and efficiencies for Aristocrat’s operational growth strategy. View case study >


Region: Global
FCm and sister brand CiEvents provided IBM with a single contact source to design, manage and implement a channel incentive program and a fulfillment service that was customised in each market. View case study >