SieMatic Vietnam

About SieMatic Vietnam

SieMatic Vietnam is a kitchen designer, manufacturer and installer that has been in operation for over 80 years. Synonymous with high quality, luxury products for designer commercial and consumer kitchens, SieMatic’s manufacturing base is located in Hanoi Vietnam. The company works closely with European parent company Luxury Design Group Europe.

The company supplies kitchens, kitchen products and manages the installation of kitchens for a range of global customers. SieMatic is active in more than 80 countries. Since opening a showroom in Hanoi over four months ago, the company has rapidly grown its presence and gained marketshare in Vietnam.

By partnering with FCm Vietnam, SieMatic has streamlined its booking, buying and payment processes and is achieving a new level of savings as a result of a more effective policy.

Here’s how we made it possible...

FCm Travel Solutions has been managing SieMatic’s travel program for just under 12 months. During that time FCm has transformed the company’s travel program to ensure their booking and buying processes are delivering maximum savings.

Program challenges

SieMatic sought a travel management company (TMC) that could provide comprehensive travel, booking and account management services. Due to the nature of their travel, SieMatic wanted a TMC that could provide fast and flexible service. SieMatic travellers often have last minute schedule changes, which means the company needs a booking team on hand around the clock to respond to 24/7 global travel requests and ticket changes.

Our solutions

FCm Vietnam made it a priority in the early days of the partnership to understand the exact nature of SieMatic’s travel needs and unique requirements. This helped FCm to develop a tailored service model for them and a travel policy that effectively balanced the needs of their travellers and the company’s commercial objectives.


FCm provides a one-stop shop for SieMatic to ensure full consolidation of its travel program. FCm provides not only booking services for air travel, hotel accommodation and car hire but also helps travellers with transfers, visas, group travel and emergency assistance. FCm positioned itself as the single and main contact for all travel requirements.

Travel policy

FCm helped SieMatic improve its travel policy to ensure their booking and buying processes were delivering bottom-line savings. As part of the policy SieMatic has introduced best fare of the day for all air travel, which includes economy class travel for all employees unless specified.

FCm also oversees all bookings for hotel accommodation and makes sure room nights are with preferred suppliers.

Reporting and invoicing

To help the company identify ongoing savings from their travel, FCm provides reporting every two months. This highlights spend levels, where any non-compliant bookings have been made and by who, and where new strategies for cost reduction can be implemented as the partnership expands.

FCm Vietnam has also set up a 30-day trading account for SieMatic which means the company receives a single invoice each month, with consolidated billing and expense data.

Service model

FCm took a tailored approach to servicing SieMatic whereby a highly experienced booking team was partnered with the company to ensure response times on travel requests and changes were dealt with quickly, accurately and within company policy. FCm also increased its operating hours to 10pm and increased staff numbers in its Emergency Assist team so adequate 24/7 support was available to SieMatic travellers when circumstances changed at the last minute.

SieMatic’s response

“We are constantly amazed at how adept FCm is in dealing with our travel demands. FCm has shaped the way it services our travellers so that no matter where our people are in the world or what the situation is they have full booking support and advice to get them where they need to be for their next business meeting. The close business synergy between FCm and our company has made the partnership grow quickly and firmly. Their professionalism and dedication is similar to ours. The one-stop-shop solution has been received positively by our staff travellers and consolidated invoicing has also helped to streamline our expense management.”

Frank Tielens
Director of Sales and Marketing

Mrs Lan Phan
Chief Financial Officer
SieMatic Vietnam.