The Future of Travel, Today

For too long the world of corporate travel has been, well, travel focused.

We know that it’s more than the travel; it’s the seamless and holistic approach that allows our clients to focus on their job while we do ours.

The future of travel is predictive, responsive and intuitive.

It’s predicting and producing what our clients need before they know they need it.

At FCM we’ve got the tools, technology and the people to get you from A to B and back to A, where last minute changes are not a challenge and when there is a hiccup, it’s fixed easily and pain free.

FCM is the future of travel, today.


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FCM The Future of Travel, Today


Welcome to FCM LAB - where tomorrow is being created, today. FCM LAB brings together experts in technology with innovative thinking around the globe who are dedicated to testing, building and delivering new travel solutions.

FCM LAB Barcelona team leads in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping travel as we know it. Meet the FCM LAB team in Barcelona who is responsible for the design of Sam, our Smart Assistant for Mobile, powered by AI.

Sam has arrived

Sam (Smart Assistant for Mobile) is FCM Travel Solutions’ pocket travel assistant that helps business travellers with everything from itinerary management, bookings, service and support.

Sam is designed to help make business travel easy and enjoyable. It does this by employing a blend of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and integrated consultant support and expertise. Find out more.


Mobile was the last ‘big thing’ in business travel. However, a new phenomenon has permeated into the travel sector, initially with leisure travel but inevitably into business travel too.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the journey onwards from mobile to chatbots, epitomised by Marvin the Robot from Hitch Hikers Guide, and Sam, FCM’s chatbot. 

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