FCM consolidates travel for WPP AUNZ's 80 separate companies

Case Studies 28 Feb 2017

WPP AUNZ Limited is Australasia’s leading marketing communications services group with over 80 operating companies including Ikon, Oglivy, GPY&R, Grey, Landor and DesignWorks. They looked to FCM for their expertise in change management to ensure a smooth implementation process for their 80+ companies.


Client since: 2013

Travellers: 2000

Companies: 80+

WPP AUNZ trades with FCM Travel Solutions in Germany, India and Singapore and awarded FCM their Australian business in 2016 when they determined a consolidation of Travel Management Companies being used across their companies was a priority.

In August 2016 FCM commenced implementation with WPP AUNZ with a go live of October the same year.


WPP AUNZ’s focus was on change management and looked to FCM for their expertise in this area and in ensuring a smooth implementation process for all of their companies, many who were new to the group.

The group’s structure meant multiple stakeholders needed to be engaged throughout implementation. Many of WPP AUNZ’s companies had complex and unique billing and accounting requirements and global regulatory compliance FCM needed to maintain.

To gain an in-depth knowledge of and map all requirements FCM coordinated Travel Forums across all of WPP AUNZ’s operations. Nine forums were held which enabled FCM, as well as WPP AUNZ, to learn more about their own businesses and their unique travel program needs. There were a number of challenges that presented during this stage that the FCM Account Management and Implementation team worked to resolve.

FCM implemented a variety of solutions including FCM Portal, FCM Online, FCM Mobile and FCM ClientBank Connect. Travel Program Roadshows were held by FCM at each of WPP AUNZ’s offices/campuses where the program was socialised and end-users were provided training.


Three months into trading with FCM, WPP AUNZ has already more visibility of their travel spend than ever before. The implementation process was completed in 12 weeks with extremely positive feedback from the client on FCM’s approach to change management.

Early results post implementation included:

  • Consolidating 80+ of WPP AUNZ’s separate businesses who were previously using a variety of different TMCs.
  • Successfully collaborating and negotiating with several third-party vendors including payment providers, risk management providers and a global data consolidator.
  • Enabling to client to have complete control and visibility of data via FCM ClientBank Connect online reporting tool.

Client testimonial

"FCM Travel Solutions worked closely with WPP AUNZ to deliver a Travel Management Solution for our ~80 companies. The FCM Team were reliable, demonstrated great attention to detail and expert knowledge to deliver the right solution for the group.   We greatly valued FCM’s change management expertise and their ability in aligning our group companies with the new processes, in a smooth and transparent manner. They have been great partners post implementation and continue to provide travel strategies to assist us in our travel management." 

Trent Millane, Finance Director - WPP AUNZ