Finally, a fast train plan for Australia

Fast Train
Travel News 12 Apr 2016

A fast train network linking Australia’s east coast capitals and regional centres could be one step closer with the Malcolm Turnbull set to announce a radical new funding plan that could see plans for a high speed rail network for Australia’s east coast finally start to speed up.

The Prime Minister has previously lent support to plans for a fast train in Sydney for starters, with a view to building a larger high-speed rail network, but hasn’t been able to explain how his cash-strapped government would hope to pay for it.

Now it looks like a new funding system for nation-building projects, including contributions from the private sector, could see the government bring a fast train plan to this year’s election.

According to The Australian, the Prime Minister is set to unveil his cities policy, which will include a proposal for changes to Australian infrastructure projects.

A fast train from Sydney’s CBD to Badgerys Creek — the site of the city’s second airport — is said to be the government’s first priority.

The western Sydney route is planned to be extended afterwards with links to regional centres like Goulburn, located between Sydney and Canberra.

A similar plan would link Melbourne to its regional neighbour Shepparton.

The links would lay the foundation for a long-term plan to build a fast train network eventually running the nation’s east coast from Melbourne to Brisbane.


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