GBTA: Business Travelers Want Their Companies To Recommend Travel Apps

Travel News 29 Sep 2015

Travel managers should be recommending travel apps to their business travellers, according to a Global Business Travel Association report. Few companies do, however.

GBTA based its report on responses from 521 managed and unmanaged travellers who have travelled on business at least once in the past 12 months. Among participants, 95 percent owned a smartphone that they used for business purposes. More than three-quarters have downloaded travel-related apps.

Navigation apps (think: Google Maps, Waze) are the most common among 54 percent of survey respondents. Next up: airline and hotel. Airline apps were downloaded by 46 percent and hotel apps by 45 percent. Thirty-four percent had downloaded third-party travel booking apps like Expedia, Orbitz and Kayak. About a quarter had downloaded itinerary management apps, ground transportation apps (like taxis, Lyft or Uber) and general travel review apps like TripAdvisor. All of the most commonly downloaded apps were consumer oriented. 

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