Hotel Review: Oasis breezes meet absolute beachfront

Travel News 14 Jan 2016

Over the past decade or more, the United Arab Emirates has cemented itself as a prime destination not only for leisure travellers, but for business travellers and conference goers.

Perfectly situated in a hub position allowing easy access from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East – even many Australian travellers will find themselves transiting through the country at some point.

It's this ease of access, coupled with the luxurious and well-equipped facilities that one would come to expect of the Fairmont brand, that makes the Fairmont Hotel Ajman the perfect destination for your next conference, meeting or client event.

Ciarán Kelly, FCMs General Manager for Middle East and Africa recently attended a meeting at the hotel and shared with us his thoughts on the property.

Tell us a little bit about the hotel

The property is new within the last 12 months in Ajman, approximately 30-45 mins from Dubai and located on the beach front.

As you walk into the lobby you will see some gorgeous glass art and crystals in the shape of a expansive fishing net, decorated with thousands of crystals, representing the local craft. It's just beautiful.

What were the rooms like? 

I stayed in a fourth floor sea view room with balcony which was furnished with table and chairs to watch the sunrise or sunset. I saw both! All the rooms I saw were very spacious with every detail considered. Plenty of electric sockets to use for your devices and an abundance of toiletries.

Let's talk about the bed! As my head touched the pillow, I slept immediately. The mattress is probably one of the best I have experienced in a hotel. Bliss!

Any other special details or 'wow' moments? 

I had the chance to view the three bedroom penthouse! Spectacular! The views are stunning over the beach. The apartment comes furnished with a steam room, double floors, unbelievably large bedrooms, several sitting rooms, walk-in closets and kitchens. I tried to lock chain myself to the balcony but security came and escorted me out (only kidding, I left of my own accord – albeit hesitantly).

What was the bathroom like? 

The bathroom in the room was great with plentiful amenities to use for a shower or a bath. It also opens into the bedroom, making it feel much bigger also. I actually choose to have a bath, it was huge with the faucets  positioned on the side, a shelf to put a glass of wine down as you lay back and forget about all the emails from the day.

Was there a conference room and other rooms that made it suitable for a corporate getaway? 

The conference facilities are fantastic. Extremely suitable for large corporate events and also smaller events and meetings. All rooms are on the same level, with several able to be split into smaller rooms.  The lobby section of the conference facilities are great for a networking or break out area for tea, coffee, pastries etc.

Each room has beautiful natural sunlight and ocean views! You may think this is great but it could be a terrible distraction from actually doing any work or listening to presenters… ah well!

What other facilities were there? 

The spa was just about to be finalised that week so I didn’t see this once completed but from what I did see it will look amazing.  I will go back to try it, however, I did use the ‘’temporary facilities’’ – which were excellent and provided a great substitute experience.

The gym I also used the gym on the days I was there. Titus, the gym supervisor was excellent. Each day he was very helpful, sharing his knowledge and experience regarding the equipment. I have never seen anyone using, not one but three decks of cards to help get a "six pack" – a very creative way to make a work out enjoyable!

The beach there are an abundance of lounges to choose from and well spaced out so you don’t feel that you are too close to other guests. The pool is huge, a great selection of extra activities such as water sports, tennis courts, table tennis and a helicopter pad to arrive and depart in style. There is great music on the beach also during the day, along side there are several places to chill out and eat as well as free towels and bottles of water for all guests

Did you enjoy the food? 

Loved the food. For lunch I had the best Snapper salad I've ever tasted – twice! I never choose the same thing on the menu when at a hotel but life is full of exceptions! This is one I had to snap up twice!

The Spectrum restaurant has an excellent choice of food from ALL over the world! The Friday brunch here is just spectacular, open areas to watch the chefs get creative and display their culinary skills. On one evening I did try the four seasons pizza as I puffed on mint apple shisha on the terrace. Perfect! Besides this there are other great restaurants to dine at with entertainment each evening.

Who would you recommend this property for? 

The hotel is suitable for Leisure travellers or Families as well Business Travellers such as myself – especially those seeking a blended 'bleisure' travel experience.

What's your overall rating out of 5 and any final comments? 

I've gotta give it 5 stars.

I loved this property. There is music in the lobby that is played throughout and also a great vibe on the beach from the daily DJ there!

One spectacular image is seeing a single line of birds flying at sea level on route to Dubai at approx 1pm and returning again around 5pm – this following goes on for at least five kilometres, nature is unbelievable and you can witness this on the beach from the Fairmont Ajman!

Nearby the hotel is the wonderful Corniche that has a excellent jogging track that envelopes the shoreline – a great atmosphere with local families coming together to eat and catch up with friends and family.

The staff I engaged with are great, I spent lots of time talking with Victoria, Krishnenhan and Karina. They are so passionate about not only the Fairmont Ajman brand but also Fairmont globally – I honestly can't wait to go back!