Streamline your expense management with Concur Expense

Travel News 11 Apr 2016

Concur Expense has been designed specifically with the user in mind. There are many features that have been built into the tool to ensure ease of use, reduce confusion among the travelling population, and streamline the expense entry process. Among them are:

  • Concur Expense pre-populates reports with corporate card transactions, giving travellers point-and-click access to major expenses as they fill out reports. This eliminates errors associated with manual entry.
  • Concur Expense sorts, calculates, subtotals and prepares the information for processing.
  • Concur Expense supports drop-down boxes, check boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons, mouse-over tool tips and Most Recently Used Lists.
  • Concur Expense provides "helper panes" for every field where the entry of information can be made easier; the use of calendars for date fields is an example.

In addition, the Custom Lists feature reduces typing and manual errors by presenting previously entered information, such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, attendees, etc, in a point-and-click interface. These lists of data can be further configured and maintained to include specific information to which all travellers should have access.

Concur e-receipt

FCM and Concur Expense customers can now benefit from the delivery of electronic receipts  complete, live and electronic folio data directly from FCM, airlines, hotels and car hire companies that contains the entire record of a supplier transaction. These online receipts feed directly into expense reports to save time and ensure information is correct.

FCM transaction fees (and any other transaction where FCM is the merchant or facilitated merchant) will now automatically drop into Concur Expense with the relevant FCM Invoice document, saving customers up to 4 days of reconciliation and processing time by eliminating manual upload requirement.

FCM can offer customers this facility regardless of form of payment. Credit cards, lodge cards and the FCM Account facility are all available for eReceipt functionality.

Customers wishing to utilise the FCM Account facility will require access to Concur’s Expense Central Reconciliation Module (CRM).

eReceipt via FCM can be utilized for both Concur Travel & Serko Online Booking Tools. Concur Travel will automatically feed itinerary segments data to Concur Expense upon booking completion, whereas Serko customers will be dependent on enhanced data feeds where information will appear in Concur Expense at time of charge.