Trick to beating jet lag revealed by scientists

Travel News 23 Sep 2015

In a surprising finding, scientists have revealed that the trick to beating jet lag could be drinking coffee, but only if you’re travelling west.

According to the study, caffeine tricks your body into thinking it is around an hour earlier in the day, helping those travelling west who need to push back their body clocks.

Published in the journal,Science Translational Medicine, scientists from the University of Colorado and the Medical Research council in Cambridge explain how caffeine affects the circadian rhythm.

“This is the first study to show that caffeine, the mostly widely used psychoactive drug in the world, has an influence on the human circadian clock,” said University of Colorado’s Department of Integrative Physiology Professor Kenneth Wright.

The study found that drinking a double espresso in the evening delayed the rise in the level of melatonin, the main sleep hormone released by the body, helping the body adjust to changing time zones.


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