Introducing FCm ClientBank

Travel intelligence for deeper performance analysis

FCm is introducing a powerful reporting tool called ClientBank that provides in-depth insight into your travel behaviour using interactive key performance indicator (KPI) scorecards, dashboards and heat mapping.

ClientBank not only gives you greater insight into your data, expenditure and travel patterns, but also helps you to better understand where your company needs to improve buying behaviour to hit savings targets.

Using ClientBank you can extract and breakdown the data that’s most important to your company, helping you to make the most informed decisions on travel procurement.

Key features

Interactive KPI scorecards

Track, monitor and measure key performance areas within your travel program with user-defined reporting metrics. ClientBank’s interactive scorecards ensure your business can analyse the data that is most important to you and critical for the success of your program. Track your performance against your key metrics to increase traveller compliance and generate more bottom-line savings from best practice behaviour. 

Heat mapping

ClientBank allows you to zero in on program problem areas with a heat mapping functionality that flags where you’re performing strongly or otherwise. Heat mapping within ClientBank is based on FCm wide benchmarking averages. This traffic light colouring system will display red mapping if you are above the database average, green if you are below (and hence exceeding best practice), and yellow if you are on par.  

Travel intelligence

Uncover more opportunities for travel savings with on-demand reporting including updates from your online booking tool or agent assisted bookings. ClientBank’s portfolio of pre-defined reports including dashboards and KPI scorecards, and on-demand reporting give you detailed analysis on specific aspects of your travel activity as well as a high-level view of broader travel trends from across your organisation.   

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