How Travel Club can benefit your company

1. Prevent professional burnout and improve your bottom line

Companies partnered with Travel Club are taking a proactive stance on creating healthier and more productive workplaces. By offering leisure travel services that are cost efficient and easily accessible, companies are not only actively encouraging a healthy work / life balance, supporting a positive attitude to leave taking but are also protecting themselves against potential financial risk.

Professional burn-out can lead to serious impacts on the health and wellbeing of your staff and in the long term can also impact your corporate reputation.

Best practice HR management for businesses encourages a positive attitude to leave taking and is supportive of employees taking holidays to ensure maximum productivity. Additionally a stockpile of unpaid annual leave adversely impacts a business's bottom line and is considered a financial liability. Businesses can also find themselves under resourcing pressures or financially affected when overworked staff require extended or additional stress or sick leave entitlements.

By partnering with Travel Club your company is taking a positive stance on leave taking. Reduce your company's stockpile of annual leave with the help of Travel Club and you will:

  • reduce the financial implications for your company's bottom line
  • reduce the financial and resource implications of overworked employees who don't take leave and rely on additional stress and sick leave entitlements
  • prevent professional burn-out and exhaustion of your employees
  • improve the health, productivity and moral of your workplace
  • cement your corporate reputation as an employer of choice who supports and encourages a healthy work / life balance.

2. Provide travel gift vouchers for staff incentive programs

Staff incentive programs reward exceptional employees for reaching work goals, achieving milestones or simply doing a good job. These types of programs are designed to offer incentives and rewards to valued employees, and have proven to be successful in increasing staff retention, motivation and performance. An effective incentive program helps to demonstrate that management value employee input and contribution, and also helps to increase a business's overall performance and potential.

Business research proves that incentive programs that include rewards that have broad appeal, are financial or provide a positive or pleasant distraction from the rigours of daily work life are most coveted by employees.

Travel Club offers corporate clients travel gift vouchers to use as part of their incentive schemes.

Travel Club provides:

  • a range of gift vouchers to suit your incentive program
  • vouchers with your company logo as part of the artwork
  • personalised vouchers
  • vouchers can include a specified dollar amount or cover the full costs of a holiday including airfares and accommodation.

Most people love to travel and by incorporating Travel Club vouchers into your employee incentive schemes your staff will have something positive, exciting and inspirational to keep them motivated to achieve the best possible results.

3. Let Travel Club help your company become an 'employer of choice'

If your company works in an industry where there is fierce competition to source and retain great staff, consider using value adding services such as Travel Club as one of the tools to boost your status with prospective employees. For companies that work in an environment where staff shortages are an ever present challenge, value add employee programs can often give your business the competitive advantage.

Companies that have partnered with Travel Club can tap into the expertise and price competitiveness offered by our dedicated leisure travel experts. Travel Club gives your staff easy access to the best prices, broadest range of holiday and travel product and most importantly the expertise of a personal and dedicated leisure travel experts.

Travel Club can help your company become an employer of choice by boosting your internal staff programs. As part of this we can provide:

  • Marketing collateral (with your company logo) such as flyers and posters for you to distribute internally or give to prospective employees.
  • Promotional material to sit on your company's intranet.
  • Arrange on-site presentations to explain the benefit of Travel Club to your staff.
  • A range of holiday options or tailor made leisure travel packages for your company.
  • One on one, dedicated leisure travel service from a leisure travel experts who has been appointed to look after the specific leisure travel needs of your employees.
  • 24 hour emergency assist from our travel support centre in Australia.