FCM Charter gives your business access to a wide range of aircraft charter and jet charter services to support the corporate, mining, group and VIP travel sectors. FCM Travel Solutions has aquired Australian charter specialist AVMIN to provide an unrivalled suite of air transport and charter solutions for the corporate travel market.

Charter solutions for your business

FCM Charter gives your business access to a wide range of aircraft charter services including:

  • VIP and executive air travel service
  • Sporting and conference group charters
  • FIFO travel solutions
  • Cargo and freight logistics

FCM Charter provides:

  • Rapid quote turnaround
  • Safe and reliable aircraft operators (Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved aircraft) 
  • Charter aircraft – fixed wing and helicopter
  • Dedicated turbo-prop aircraft fleet
  • Charter services accommodate groups of all sizes
  • Flexible flight departure times / customised itineraries
  • Use of private airport terminals 
  • Access to locations outside of the standard commercial aircraft network
  • Ability to customise your onboard menu


Tailored itineraries

FCM Charter provides air transport solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each booking. FCM gives your business the freedom it needs to customise each itinerary including departure and arrival times and number of stops along the way.


Your FCM travel manager will show you which option is the most cost effective for each booking, weighing up the cost of a commercial flight versus a charter flight. In addition you can fly your staff closer to or directly on to a site by using a chartered plane, decreasing the costs incurred through staff travel to and from remote work sites. Employees spend less time in transit and reduced flying times mean staff get to work faster and arrive in better shape to hit the ground running.


Charter flights offer companies private air travel with limited or no interaction with commercial travellers, airport staff or competitors. Onboard meetings involving confidential discussions can be held in complete privacy.

FCM has provided complete FIFO solutions for operations all over the world including locations such as the Bowen, Surat and Galilee Basins in Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory as well as Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Mongolia.


To find out more about how FCM Charter can help your business, enquire online today and one of our experts will be in touch.


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