With more than 20 years experience managing travel for manufacturers, FCM Travel Solutions is the leading travel management company for this sector. Our in-depth knowledge of the broad range of specialisations within the manufacturing industry and understanding of this sector's travel patterns, labour market and trade flows, helps our people deliver tailored travel management strategies that will drive time and cost efficiencies on your travel.

Industry specialisation

FCM is the preferred travel provider for some of Australia and the world's largest manufacturing firms. Our portfolio of customers includes companies that work within the large powerhouse industries that process Australia's agricultural and mineral wealth; implementers and fabricators that create consumer products and transform the outputs of primary industrial activity; and high-growth implementers of the latest science and technology.

FCM can help your business achieve long term cost containment with specialised travel services that have been designed for companies at every stage of the manufacturing value chain. Whether your people are travelling overseas on group buying trips, visiting head office, touring regional retail shops or production plants, visiting factory locations for new production lines or attending training in CBD locations - FCM can advise your people how to travel cost and time efficiently.

FCM recognises that for many manufacturing companies, interstate and international travel is essential for research, design, production, distribution and service delivery.

Advisory services are available for companies that regularly take their products or goods overseas FCM provides best practice advice on airline luggage policies and logistics to drive savings. With industry growth in higher-risk countries such as India, China, Brazil and Mexico, your people can rely on the best advice for traveller safety and security including transfers, drivers and security if needed. FCM offers full traveller tracking capabilities and 24-hour emergency assist for your travellers.